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Women World Championship in Draughts 64

Ladies and gentlemen!

The Section-64 of World Draughts Federation (FMJD) and Ukrainian Draughts Federation according to the calendar 2009 and competitions’ regulations will organize the Women World Draughts Championship of Draughts-64. Championship will take place in t. Rubezhnoe (Ukraine) from June, 25 (day of arrival) till July, 8 (day of departure), 2009.

Championship will pass according to the Russian version of Draughts-64.

There will be three types of the program: blitz with the control 3 minutes before the end of game plus 3 seconds on each move, the rapid game with the control 10 minutes before the end of game plus 5 seconds on each move and the classic game with the control 45 minutes before the end of game plus 30 seconds on each move. All types of the program will be played according to the micro-match system consisted of 2 games in each round with the drawing according to the official tables of  Sectoin-64 of FMJD.

Any participant declared by its national federation can take part in the competition. Every participant is under an obligation to have medical insurance on all period of stay in Ukraine. Participants can choose any types of the programs, which they will participate in.

Organizational tournament fee for each participant should be paid on the day of arrival: for three representatives from each country the fee is 45 (forty five) euros for participation in the program with the classic control and 10 (ten) euros in blitz and rapid game. For the other representatives from all countries the fee is 90 (ninety) euros for participation in the program with the classic control and 20 (twenty) euros in blitz and rapid game. The organizational committee provides with housing and meals one participant from each country. Travel expenses for everybody, as well as expenses for housing and meals for the other participants should be covered by sending organizations. Organizers guarantee a prize fund no less than 3000 euros and numerous prizes.

The registration of participants:

Mendeleyev str., 29, hotel «Sovetskaia», Rubezhnoe, Luganck region, Ukraine, tel/fax +38-064-535-1423


In Ukraine      the site:   www.rubezhnoe2009.at.ua , Ivan Shopkoplyas +38-050-620-6649,

+38-064-258-0684 (fax), e-mail: [email protected];

In Poland        Leshek Petlicki +48602320496, +48236841661, e-mail: [email protected];

In Russia        Vladimir Langin +7 921 9562001, e-mail: [email protected]  .


Requests for participation in championship must be sent to Section-64 not later than May, 25, 2009. In the request there should be indicated: first name and last name (as in the passport), date of birth, series and number of passport. For those participants who need visa to come to Ukraine, the invitations for obtaining free visas will be sent.

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